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Equipment List

I have multiple camera and gear packages to shoot your production. With up to 6K RAW video, I have the gear to shoot interviews, action, landscapes, unscripted and tours. If the shoot requires I can rent the specific package necessary for your project. 
Here's My Gear List
  • Blackmagic Cinema 6K Pro Camera: Delivers 6K BMRAW, ProRes and other formats. 10 bit 4:2:2 color profile up to 12-bit BM gen 5 color science. 6K  at 60fps and 4K/HD at 120fps. Video Frame Grabs produce amazing 4K still photos providing a huge library source for photo media. This camera will make your project shine.
  • Lumix GH5: This camera shoots pro 4K video and is still a workhorse for producing professional video.
  • DJI Mavic Air 2S: The Air 2S is built for pro video and photos. It features a Hasselblad camera with 1-inch sensor. 5.4K video and photos. FAA Part 107 licensed and insured drone pilot. 
  • Sony RX100 V: This camera is great for b-roll. It's also small and shoots incredible 4K and high frame rates for incredible slow motion video in challenging action situations.
  • GoPro9 and 7 packages: These action cameras come in handy for action sports, unique angles and mounting situations.
  • Evo Rage Gimbals: Fantastic stabilized shots and creative film techniques. I am adept at using these to create interesting interviews and tours that make the production out of the ordinary. 
  • Audio packages to compliment every camera, including pro audio combined with the GoPro packages that create professional productions for action sports and challenging settings.

Blackmagic 6K Pro.

Lumix GH5.

Mavic 2 Pro Drone.

Sony RX100 V.

GoPro Packages With Pro Audio.

Pro Audio.

Light Kits.

Gimbals For Stabilized Shots.

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